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awww, gerrard


This journal is friends-only. If you want me on your flist, comment here. This photo features the world's greatest band, Coldplay :)

- Anisha


adding to my friend's list. Hope you don't mind!
Not at all! :D
I've never seen a soccer fan like ya! all your display images :-) impressive...add me ?

PS: have got your ID through Indianethic
Yeah no problem, I'll add you just now. :)


hello, got here through orkut. adding you.
sorry that was me
oye, keshu, wot ru doing here???
btw, anisha r u going to add me or i add u?? ;-)

Hey Anisha!!!

Heres one!!!!
Got ya thro Orkut...
hi! I like hp, soccer, and the same types of music...u said u were looking for fellow LJ users in India. So here I am! I'm new to this whole LJ experience....so I'm adding u as a friend....hope you dont mind!


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Yup yup, friended you both. Its nice to see Indian LJers. :D
So I added you. :) Kathiawadi, lol, what a funny name. :P
jus came across your post in orkut.
am adding you as a friend.hope you do the same.
Yep, friended you. :) Do you know you look a bit, just a little bit like Muralitharan?? Only you look much better lol.
hey, me 15 and indian too :)
Friended you. :) I TOTALLY agree with your opinions on Dan/Harry btw.
follow this link for downloading turboc,tell me if you can use it , dunno orkut didnt allowing me to scrap with link in it, added you as friend, i am let there be suspense of orkut ;)
Yeah added you! And thanks!
Hello! I hope you dont mind my adding you. Iv been meandering on Sneha's site and your name keeps popping up :)
Lol no not at all, adding you back now :D


so liverpool is in the finals of UEFA...u must be on cloud no. 9
adding u as a frd then...will support AC Milan though in the finals!


that was me...only having a blogger account doomeddoctor.blogspot.com...also there at orkut though!
I found your journal randomly. Add me please :)


Coldplay rocks..

in case u'd like to check out my song which was inspired, in parts, by viva la vida (the song)


Me too XD *waves*



'ello, I thought id check out your page.... but looks like not permitted.. nyway...nice pic.. :)

Re: 'ello

Yeah, you have to my a LiveJournal user and on my friends list to see my posts :) How did you find my journal anyway?
Haha, the mystical powers of LJ :P WB :D
This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

Quit spamming my account, spammer.
Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

Thanks! :) But sorry I don't add back journals that are newly created, due to privacy concerns.